41 el hombre perfecto

Directed By: Pepe Romay


Mamerto is a 41-year-old Mexican man, widowed and orphaned, as well as wealthy after inheriting a large sum of money. Mamerto is haunted by the chesty ghost of his late mother and is unable to have a stable relationship.
Mamerto’s first marriage is to Faustina (Elsa Benn), a very religious woman who is terrified of sex. The actress prepares for her first night of sex, but it ends badly. We can still admire Elsa Benn naked in the shower. The problem is not repeated for long, because the woman dies falling from the bell tower. Shortly after the mourning, Memerto meets Sandy (Angélica Chain), who seduces him by bathing in the sea completely naked. Later Angélica Chain organizes a day of meditation at the man’s home. A peculiar meditation: all women, all naked. Besides Angélica Chain there are her friends Veronica (Clarissa Ahuet) and Jackie (Cynthia Riveroll). Sandy also dies, in a motorcycle accident.
The third woman who enters Memerto’s life is Clarissa Machorro (Julissa), a serious businesswoman. Clarissa is only interested in money. In fact, the woman is a lesbian and is in a relationship with Crystal (Anaís de Melo). The two give us a brief lesbian scene with frontal nudity of Anaís de Melo.

Nude scenes