El vecindario

Directed By: Gilberto Martínez Solares


El vecindario is a Mexican erotic comedy with a sparse plot and numerous naked actresses. In the village, everyone cheats on everyone. The husbands have mistresses, but the wives do the same. That’s all you need to know to enjoy the film. The nudes come right away: after the opening credits, Ana Luisa Peluffo prepares for an evening of sex with her lover, but her husband comes home early and disrupts her plans. Later, Angélica Chain shows us her legs, then opens her dress to reveal a pair of fantastic boobs. This is just a taste. Seven minutes later the actress delights us with a full-frontal nude in the shower, followed by a sex scene in bed with a man. Two minutes later, Anaís de Melo is auditioning in a film producer’s office. The audition takes place topless. There are no more nude scenes for 37 minutes, then finally Angélica Chain gets naked and has sex with a man on the couch. Ana Luisa Peluffo and Rossy Mendoza star in the last nude scene of the film.

Nude scenes