Alien degli abissi

Directed By: Antonio Margheriti


Marina Giulia Cavalli‘s boobs are hypnotic. Even when they are covered by a shirt, we can not look away from that fabulous prosperous breasts. Big, soft, round…
Ok ok let’s talk about the movie. Alien degli abissi is a fanta-apocalyptic-ecologist movie by director Antonio Margheriti with abundant references to other famous movies, from Alien by Ridley Scott to The Abyss by James Cameron. Mad scientists make mysterious experiments on an island and throw radioactive waste into a volcano. An alien creature that feeds on radiation comes down to our planet for breakfast and creates problems for scientists and journalists who are on the island to reveal unethical experiments to the world.
Marina Giulia Cavalli plays the role of a journalist. Shorts and wet t-shirts bring us back to the beginning of our speech. There are no scenes with Marina Giulia Cavalli naked, but almost all the sequences give us a boner.

Nude scenes