Directed By: Bob Guccione, Tinto Brass


Probably, the story of the movie Caligula is more interesting than the movie itself. Written by Gore Vidal, shot by Tinto Brass, and produced by Bob Guccione (the publisher of Penthouse), this film made everyone fight with everyone. Actors who left the set (Maria Schneider left during filming and was replaced by Teresa Ann Savoy), the director fired, and the screenwriter was disappointed by the changes.
There is much to be said and much has in fact been said and written. We just summarize a great deal of erotic and pornographic material. That’s right, there are quite a lot of porn scenes in this movie starring Helen Mirren, Malcolm McDowell, and Peter O’Toole.
Various versions of the film came out. It was shot in 1976 but only got critical clearance in 1979. Six days later, it was sequestered by the judiciary for obscenities. There are six different versions of the film, with various cuts to the pornographic scenes, plus a seventh version entitled Io, Caligola and edited by director Franco Rossellini. Of course, our favorite version is 156 minutes long and contains all the sex scenes.
Real sex, blowjobs, lesbian scenes, orgies… We mention some memorable sequences. Adriana Asti is surrounded by men who masturbate, to cover her with beneficial sperm. A threesome starring Helen Mirren and Teresa Ann Savoy. Anneka Di Lorenzo and Lori Wagner in a breathtaking lesbian scene, with pussy licking in the foreground. A colossal orgy with real blowjobs and starring Anneka Di Lorenzo, Bonnie Dee Wilson, Carolyn Patsis, Henrietta Kelogg, Juliet Morris, Lori Wagner, Signe Berger, Susanne Saxon, and Valerie Rae Clark.

Nude scenes