Cameriera senza… malizia

Directed By: Lorenzo Onorati


A truck driver makes a pact with the mother superior of a religious institution. He marries a schoolgirl (Marina Hedman) and she sells him an inn owned by the nuns. The newlywed, unbeknownst to her husband, begins prostitution.
There are at least three versions of this film: a softcore version, an HD remastered softcore version (with some cuts), and a hardcore version.
Let us analyze the HD remastered softcore version.
In the first, long sequence, Marina Hedman is on her wedding night. The woman undresses and starts having sex with her husband. Very horny sequence, even though it’s a soft version. Marina uses her tongue a lot to lick her husband’s face. After a brief voyeur sequence (a man spies on Marina while the woman is washing windows in hold-ups), we see a very erotic sequence: Marina Hedman pedaling through the streets of the village, showing everyone her thighs.
After four more brief (and intriguing) sequences with Marina Hedman naked, Laura Levi and Diala Caruso delight us with a brief lesbian sequence. Tongue kissing!
Three minutes later, we admire Caroline Audisio in transparent lingerie. She’s a beautiful blond actress who unfortunately has only acted in a couple of films.
There are two extra scenes in the uncut softcore version. In the first, Laura Levi is making out with a man in a woodshed. The second is a lesbian scene between Laura Levi and Marina Hedman. Also, the lesbian scene between Laura Levi and Diala Caruso is longer.
Let’s move on to the hardcore version. The wedding night is more animated. The actress is still Marina Hedman, but a body double is used for the male lead. Marina performs a couple of blowjobs and a penetration. Later there is a long threesome with a man, Laura Levi, and Guia Lauri Filzi (the latter has no nude scenes in the soft versions). The Laura Levi scene in the woodshed is much longer and includes blowjob, titsjob, and doggy-style sex. The lesbian scene between Laura Levi and Diala Caruso is much longer and includes real oral sex.

Nude scenes