Emmanuelle’s Love

Directed By: Francis Leroi


L’amour d’Emmanuelle (AKA Emmanuelle’s Love) is the second in a series of seven films made for French TV in 1993. In the first film we witnessed the origins of the new Emmanuelle (Marcela Walerstein), who received from Tibetan monks the superpower to enter the bodies of other women. Sylvia Kristel, the original Emmanuelle, is also present in these films, but only as a narrator.
At the beginning of the film we meet Nicky (Krystyna Ferentz), who is about to take a bath. The doorbell rings and Nicky goes to open it, all naked. It’s her friend Emmanuelle. Nicky confesses to Emmanuelle that she’s in love with her boss, but he doesn’t consider her. Emmanuelle gets up, goes to the bathroom, and thanks to the magical power of the monks’ perfume she transforms into Nicky, ready to seduce the boss. Two minutes later we can see Krystyna Ferentz naked in double rations. One is naked in the bathroom waiting, while her clone is seducing the boss. We witness several scenes with Krystyna Ferentz in both roles: naked in the bathroom or together with her boss. The boss eventually realizes that there are two Nickys… and he fucks them both.
Some time later, Nicky tells Emmanuelle that the affair with her boss didn’t work out and he’s now dating another woman named Sonia (Julie McLaughlin). Emmanuelle uses her Tibetan magic to enter Sonia’s soul just as the girl is having sex. Julie McLaughlin naked and Marcela Walerstein naked in the same scene, both horny. Julie McLaughlin has sex a couple more times with the boss, in the bedroom and on the beach. However, all ends well for Nicky and before the movie ends we admire Krystyna Ferentz naked in one last sex scene.

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