Emmanuelle in Venice

Directed By: Francis Leroi


Emmanuelle à Venise (AKA Emmanuelle in Venice) is the sixth in a series of seven films that began with Éternelle Emmanuelle (AKA Emmanuelle Forever). In these films Emmanuelle has a Tibetan superpower that makes her young (with the face and body of Marcela Walerstein) and also allows her to assume other identities.
Anaïs (Krystyna Ferentz) has recently been widowed and is now subservient to her mother-in-law. The woman becomes mean herself, and mistreats the maid (Julie McLaughlin) by spanking her. Later, she masturbates in front of the photo of her deceased husband. Young Emmanuelle (Marcela Walerstein) enters Anaïs’s body, who becomes very kind to the maid, and very horny too. A lesbian scene with Julie McLaughlin and Krystyna Ferentz follows. When Emmanuelle leaves Anaïs’s body, the girl goes back to being a bitch to the waitress. Then the possession begins again and smiles comes back.
Anaïs has a sister, Penelepe (Gerda de Haan), with a sad past. Her parents forced her to marry a rich man, but she loved a guy named Oliver. She remembers those good times and we admire a sex scene between young Penelope (played by Cynthia Van Damme) and a guy. Ten minutes later, Krystyna Ferentz has sex with a man. This actress is the real star of the film. Seven minutes later, the adult Pamela is in a Eyes Wide Shut style party. A few minutes later, Krystyna Ferentz has sex with a man while Julie McLaughlin spies on them and touches herself between her legs. Six minutes later there is good news for Penelope: Emmanuelle has been able to locate Oliver, her former love. The man has become a doctor and helps third world children. Penelope runs to him and they catch up on their years with tantric sex.

Nude scenes