Emmanuelle Forever

Directed By: Francis Leroi


Éternelle Emmanuelle (AKA Emmanuelle Forever) is the first in a series of seven TV films made by director Francis Leroi, the same man who had directed the fourth and seventh installments of the “original series” of films dedicated to this erotic icon, and had contributed to the making of the second.
After the tragic death of her daughter, Emmanuelle retreats to a Tibetan monastery to rediscover herself. She is given the secret of immortality by the monks, in the form of a magical perfume that allows her to enter the minds and bodies of other women. The magic potion can also rejuvenate her physical body, and so we witness the passing of the baton from Sylvia Kristel to yet another new Emmanuelle played by Marcela Walerstein. Emmanuelle leaves the monastery to help other women achieve their own fulfillment.
After the first ten minutes, Marcela Walerstein is involved in a threesome with two men. Seven minutes later, we witness the transformation scene from old to young Emmanuelle. Obviously, the new body must be tested immediately, and we can appreciate Marcela Walerstein naked, sitting on top of a naked monk for sex. Immediately after, the best scene in the film: Marcela Walerstein is naked and being massaged by two beautiful Asian women, also naked. A minute later, the actress undresses and soaks in the bathtub while a guy spies on her from inside a wicker basket placed on the floor. When the woman finds out, the two have sex.
Later, Emmanuelle goes backstage at a concert and makes the acquaintance of Marla (Natala Sevenants), who is the band’s assistant and is in love with the singer. Through Tibetan magic, Emmanuelle pushes Marla into the singer’s arms. In summary: the two fuck. Before the film ends, Marcela gives us another hot scene: she lying on her stomach on the bed, intent on masturbating. Meanwhile, her friend Jenny (Gerda de Haan) has sex with a man on the pool table.

Nude scenes