Emmanuelle’s Revenge

Directed By: Francis Leroi


La revanche d’Emmanuelle (AKA Emmanuelle’s Revenge) is the fifth of seven films made for French television, starring erotic icon Emmanuelle. In this series, she’s rejuvenated and has a kind of Tibetan superpower (read the reviews of the first two films to get an idea, here and here).
In this chapter, a model named Shalomey is fired by a New York producer after she rejects his advances. The girl asks for help from Emmanuelle (Marcela Walerstein), who causes quite a bit of trouble for the New York producer.
The film begins with a trip to Africa. There, the beautiful Charlene (yes, simply Charlene) enters a bar, undresses and has sex with two men. Seven minutes later, the actress lifts her skirt in front of a man to get licked between her thighs. Later, Charlene acts in a porn film with Tatiana Bewer and another actress. Five minutes later, Myriam Nedellec has intense sex with a man. Fourteen minutes later we again admire Myriam Nedellec naked as she changes clothes. Six minutes later there is another long sex scene with this actress. Before the end of the film, the main character Marcela Walerstein makes an erotic phone call and masturbates.

Nude scenes