Directed By: Sergio Martino


I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale (aka Torso) is undoubtedly one of the first slasher movies in the world (along with Bava’s Reazione a catena). A serial killer of schoolgirls knows how to massacre beautiful girls in Perugia. Two friends of the deceased take refuge in an isolated villa together with other friends, but the killer finds them.
Before the opening credits, we can see Patrizia Adiutori naked while she is photographed. She is beautiful and has perfect breasts. Six minutes later, Patrizia is having sex in a car parked under a bridge. Later, Rosaria della Femmina plays a prostitute, naked in front of the mirror and then in bed with a man.
A minute later, in a hippie commune, we find Barbara Marzano and Conchita Airoldi. One is dancing topless, the other is smoking a joint between two guys, who open her shirt and show off two fabulous tits. Angela Covello and Carla Brait are the last two nude actresses of the film, who also give us a bit of soft lesbo.

Nude scenes