Il debito coniugale

Directed By: Franco Prosperi


Il debito coniugale is an Italian road movie from 1970. After many years, Orazio meets his old friend Romolo. Orazio lives with an oppressive wife, and Romolo frees him by dragging him along on a long adventure on the roads that run through two Italian regions, Umbria and Marche.
During their journey, they meet the nymphomaniac Candida (Barbara Bouchet), who joins them. Despite the character she plays, the charming Barbara Bouchet does not have many nude scenes but still has a couple of must-see sequences for her fans. In one scene Barbara licks ice cream with great sensuality and reminds us of when she sucked the banana in Cry of a Prostitute. In another scene, the actress unbuttons her blouse to have her boobs weighed with a scale.

Nude scenes