SS Camp 5: Women’s Hell

Directed By: Sergio Garrone


SS Lager 5: Women’s Hell (AKA SS Camp 5: Women’s Hell) and Lager SSadis Kastratt Kommandatur have many things in common other than director Sergio Garrone: they are made using the same sets and actors, more or less. The biggest difference is in the Eritrean actress Rita Manna, who was absent in the other film and stars here. The actress plays Alina, a girl who sweeps many German soldiers off their feet.
In the ninth minute there is a group shower of female prisoners. Among them we recognize Rita Manna and Leda Simonetti. Seven minutes later there are Leda Simonetti and Rita Manna again, undressing to wear brothel clothes. Soon after, Rita Manna is having sex with a Nazi officer in one room, while in another room Agnes Kalpagos is doing the same thing. Rita is bored, Agnes is disgusted. Twelve minutes later there is a party in the villa. Rita Manna does a private dance for a Nazi colonel, using a banana as a thong. After the dance, Rita and the colonel have sex. Six minutes later there is another group shower, then we admire Rita Manna naked in a bed. Meanwhile, Leda Simonetti enters the infirmary and shows her breasts to the nurse, who rubs soothing cream on them.
There are other nude actresses in the film. During a party we can watch Paola D’Egidio seducing a military man. Later we find Paola Corazzi naked in a cell, spied on by a hierarch. The last sexy scene in the film presents us Rita Manna in a transparent yellow robe.

Nude scenes