Le mani di una donna sola

Directed By: Nello Rossati


Le mani di una donna sola is an erotic thriller made in the late 70s by director Nello Rosati. A kinky and bisexual woman (Marina Hedman) owns a seaside residence. Contrary to her habits, the woman keeps the residence open in the autumn, to host a writer in creative crisis and his wife (Bibi Cassinelli).
Not far away, there is a facility for the mentally ill run by a group of nuns together with a psychiatrist. The maid of the residence (Christiana Borghi) often goes to the beach to tease the group of madmen.
Day after day, the situation becomes tenser and tenser, between betrayals, quarrels, and mental disturbances that also affect the guests of the residence and not only the patients of the clinic.
After only two and a half minutes, we meet Marina Hedman, lying in bed. The blonde actress throws the covers aside and shows us her body, completely naked and perfect. The actress masturbates, while the waitress (Christiana Borghi) watches her excitedly. Shortly after, Marina Hedman slips her hands under Christiana Borghi’s skirt and masturbates her.
The next hot sequence features Christiana Borghi. On the dunes, the woman undresses to be watched by a man who is a few meters away. He craves her, she takes off her clothes and throws himself on the ground, showing her naked body. The man reaches for her and licks her between her legs.
Bibi Cassinelli is a brunette, and sensual actress, who has only starred in this film. In her first scene, her husband lifts her skirt, but she refuses to have sex with him. In the following scene, the two are naked in bed and he penetrates her with a dildo.
After about twenty minutes, Christiana Borghi has sex with a man sitting on a wooden chair. Later, Bibi Cassinelli and Marina Hedman give us a nice lesbian scene. Marina practices oral sex in Bibi.
Two nude scenes remain in the film, played by Bibi Cassinelli and Marina Hedman.

Nude scenes