Lemon Popsicle V

Directed By: Dan Wolman


The fifth chapter of Lemon Popsicle saga, although the original title of this film is Roman Za’ir. The director changes, but the group of boys always looking for girls to conquer is the same. After a fourth episode that hadn’t been very successful at the box office, this fifth chapter returns to its former glory.
As always, we see a mix of gags, romance, and nude actresses. The first is Renate Langer, taking a shower while some guys spy on her from a hole. Shortly after, Sabrina Cheval shows us her tits, first sitting on a bed, then under a tree. Stefanie Petsch undresses in the water: first immersed in a lake, then in the shower with Sabrina Cheval.
The seductive Dolly Dollar doesn’t strip completely, but she turns us on in red lingerie. Finally, Bea Fiedler plays a sexy dentist.

Nude scenes