Lemon Popsicle VI

Directed By: Dan Wolman


The long saga of Lemon Popsicle continues with this sixth chapter (the original title is Harimu Ogen; the international one is Up Your Anchor).
From the school desks we have passed to the sea and the sixth chapter begins as the fifth: the group of boys spies on a woman while she’s changing in a cabin. The story continues on a cruise ship, where the protagonists embark as sailors. The trio starring in each film is now a duo because one of the three (Jonathan Sagall) was excluded due to quarrels with the production. He will return in the next chapters of the saga.
Usual recipe, with a plot between romance and comedy and a few nude actresses.
At the beginning of the film, we can admire an actress with big tits: Paulina Fein. Sabine Mucha plays a nympho who sunbathes completely naked on the deck of a ship.
Bea Fiedler plays a very hot countess who does a striptease for her partner before taking him to bed. The blonde Bea Fiedler also shows us a very fast full-frontal nude. The last sex scene in the film stars actress Petra Morzé.

Nude scenes