Lo sgarbo

Directed By: Marino Girolami


Lo sgarbo is a typical Italian mafia movie filled with thugs, blackmail, prostitution, machine gun shots, and numerous nude scenes. Salvatore is a mobster who has lived for a long time in America. Back in Sicily, the man goes into the employ of the boss Don Mimì. The boss has a lover (Karin Schubert), and Salvatore falls in love with her. For Don Mimì this is a great wrong, which must be washed in blood.
Hélène Chanel undresses after three minutes and gets into the shower. A man joins her and the two have sex. Thirteen minutes later another sex scene, this time in a bed. Two minutes later a young Karin Schubert seduces us with her crystal eyes, then with her perfect breasts, as she has sex with a man. Three minutes later Karin undresses again, this time in a tomato field.
After about a quarter of an hour of mob affairs, we return to Karin Schubert naked. The actress enters a man’s bedroom and wears a transparent robe. Soon after, the two have sex. Five minutes later we witness a threesome consisting of two women and a man. One of the actresses is named Samantha Elgard, the other we don’t know. Apparently, both have only acted in this film. We find these two actresses naked in various other sequences in the film. Before the film ends Karin Schubert gets naked a couple more times.

Nude scenes