Mare fuori (Season 2)

Directed By: Milena Cocozza


Given the enormous success of the first season of the television series Mare fuori, a second season was inevitable. The stories of the young inmates have moved a large audience, and indeed it is a very well-crafted product.
In this second season, there are fresh faces besides the characters we had already met. And there are some very intriguing sequences as well.
The first half of the second season offers us two interesting sexy sequences in the second episode and the fourth episode: a sex scene with Ludovica Coscione and a sexy scene with Valentina Romani. The sixth episode gives us two fabulous sequences: Clotilde Esposito in a bikini that shows everything and Kyshan Wilson and Serena De Ferrari naked in the shower. In the twelfth episode, there is the last nude scene. Carolina Crescentini takes her bra off, then makes love with her man.

Nude scenes