Non commettere atti impuri

Directed By: Giulio Petroni


Pino is an atheist and a nonconformist young man. In Tuscany, in Assisi, the boy lives with his communist father and his beautiful stepmother (Barbara Bouchet). Pino is in love with his neighbor Teresa (Simonetta Stefanelli). Because of her fervent Catholic beliefs, Pino has a hard time approaching her sexually.
Barbara Bouchet has always been beautiful. In 1972, the year this film was released, she is a blonde goddess, and she gives us some breathtaking sequences. Simonetta Stefanelli had just turned eighteen and was charged with a sensuality that was both naïve and mischievous.
The film begins with Barbara Bouchet giving her man a sensual massage, then she undresses behind a glass door. Several minutes later, the woman seduces her stepson by wearing a transparent white dressing gown. The seduction continues six minutes later when Barbara shows her stepson her perfect small breasts.
Pino helps Teresa in her study, and this is an excellent opportunity to be close to her. A private lesson involves him touching her tits as she bares her legs in order to turn him on. The girl is wearing stockings and suspenders. Finally, in the next lesson, Pino unbuttons Simonetta Stefanelli‘s shirt and we can admire her tits. From now on, every lesson is an opportunity to make out, but the girl never gives herself much.
Later, the boy has a kind of erotic dream: he dreams of marrying Teresa, who is wearing a transparent wedding dress. Very exciting.
Barbara Bouchet continues to provoke the guy with sexy dresses and see-through tops. In an interesting and long sequence at the end, Simonetta Stefanelli strips almost completely. There is another long nude scene, in which Barbara Bouchet has sex with her stepson.

Nude scenes