Purple Rain

Directed By: Albert Magnoli


A young singer is in a constant struggle with one of her stage rivals. At stake is the stage at First Avenue in Minneapolis, but also the heart of the beautiful Apollonia Kotero. Singer Prince at the height of his success makes a film that gives maximum prominence to his music.
In the twenty-first minute, Apollonia Kotero is standing by a lake and takes off her pants, then takes off her jacket and remains topless. Apollonia shows us her beautiful breasts and a mischievous smile, then dives into the water. Nineteen minutes later Apollonia is kneeling on the bed wearing sexy lingerie. Behind her is a man holding a hand in her panties. Twelve minutes later the woman is having sex in a barn in a brief scene. She is riding a man, and the camera frames her from behind. Fourteen minutes later Apollonia Kotero is performing on a stage. The woman is wearing a semi-transparent bodice, stockings, and garters.

Nude scenes