Se lo scopre Gargiulo

Directed By: Elvio Porta


Teresa (Giuliana De Sio) is a nurse, married to the son of a prominent doctor. The woman is harassed by her husband and mother-in-law, and when she needs some money to help her father she goes to the Neapolitan slums, where she meets a couple of strange guys. The women spend a night in the alleys of Naples, among truck drivers, gangsters, and hustlers. Sort of a Neapolitan version of Into the Night or After Hours.
The film opens with a very interesting and very horny sequence. Giuliana De Sio is lying in bed. The woman is sleeping and dreaming of sexual intercourse. Giuliana has sex with a man and shows us her perfect and inviting breasts. A minute later, the woman is in bed again, this time with a live man. Unfortunately, this sensational beginning is not followed by any other hot sequences. Giuliana De Sio is young and sensual and her erotic charge is felt throughout the film, but the woman doesn’t remove her clothes in further scenes.

Nude scenes