The Diary 2

Directed By: Nicolas Weber


The Diary 2 continues the story told in the first chapter of this four-part series. Anna (Lila Baumann) is a beautiful and unfortunate woman. She got married to a rich man, then she saw her ex-boyfriend again, then everything fell apart, and after a fight with gunshots included, her husband ended up in a wheelchair. Anna lets us know all these things as she writes them in her diary.
At the beginning of the film, waitress Edwige (Alison Amberley) performs a striptease in front of a woman sitting in the corner of the room. Four minutes later Natasha Vale strips in front of a drunk man. He tries to grab her from behind, but falls to the floor. Eight minutes later, Kirsty Smith enters a man’s office dressed only in lingerie and black stockings, then sits on the desk in front of him. The scene ends with a fuck, predictably. After fourteen minutes, Lila Baumann finally undresses, for a lesbian scene with Kellie Priestley, while her husband watches. Five minutes later, Nikki Inwood has sex with a man in the back of a nightclub after the show. A few minutes later, Kellie Priestley has sex with a man poolside. In a following scene, Lila Baumann spies through the keyhole Kirsty Smith having sex with a man. Lila becomes aroused and masturbates. Soon after, the actress undresses in front of another man and has sex with him. Four minutes later we enjoy a long sex scene with Maria Gleikh.

Nude scenes