The Diary 3

Directed By: Nicolas Weber


Anna (Lila Baumann) tells us about her life through confessions to her secret diary. In the first and second chapters of this saga we saw her marriage to a wealthy man, the drama of betrayal on Anna’s part, her husband’s revenge turning against him, and many, many naked actresses. In this third chapter, Anna has reinvented herself as an actress, in Italy.
Chapter after chapter, the lead actress gets less and less naked. Fortunately, other nude actresses fill in the plot with intriguing sex scenes. First to take off her clothes is Nathalie Commalin, who strips in front of a store owner to distract him and steal some clothes. Two minutes later, Ilona Fouchet delights us with an interesting poolside sex scene. After another two minutes Ilona again has sex by the pool, and this time the scene is much longer. Fifteen minutes later Lila Baumann arouses us in thigh-high stockings, but she doesn’t take off her clothes. After a couple of minutes, Olga Bousse kisses a man and takes off her clothes, then has sex with him. In the next scene, Nathalie Commalin is dressed as a man and has sex with a guy in a bathroom. Three minutes later, Marine Imbert spreads ice cream on her boobs to arouse the man who is sitting in front of her, then spreads it between her legs. Ilona Fouchet loves the pool, and it’s there that we find her eleven minutes later, fucking a man and Marine Imbert, in an aquatic threesome. Four minutes later, we finally get to see Lila Baumann naked. The actress has sex with a man on a terrace. Soon after, buxom Christine Arnou has sex in a bed with a man. Then, she and Helene Detours are the naked actresses in a car sex sequence.

Nude scenes