The Diary

Directed By: Nicolas Weber


Lila Baumann is one of the most beautiful actresses of the 2000s, yet she has only worked in four TV movies. Four erotic films that make up a single saga: The Diary.
It’s the sad story of a girl who marries a very rich guy, even though his family disagrees. Then her ex-boyfriend returns and things get complicated. She writes everything down in her diary and we see her stories transposed to the screen.
The excitement starts from the opening credits: Lila Baumann naked in the pool, together with a man who kisses, touches, and possesses her. Five minutes later, the diary stories begin. Lila Baumann is a student at a private school and it’s her 18th birthday. She celebrates it by having a guy masturbate her, sitting on the marble steps of the school. Six minutes later, Lila Baumann and Shelley Goodair have a lesbian moment in the shower. Less than a minute later there is another lesbian scene; this time Lila Baumann has sex in a flower meadow with Georgina Finch. Meanwhile, Abigail Olegski and Jamelah Asmar kiss and lick each other in a third, long lesbian sequence. Five minutes later we return to the straight sequences. Lila Baumann is having sex with a guy in a bed. First he’s on top of her, then the situation is reversed. Four minutes later, Ila Beaumont undresses in front of a guy blindfolded and tied to the ceiling as a game, kneels in front of him, and gives him a blowjob. Soon after, Abigail Olegski has sex with a man in the back of a car. Seven minutes later, Lila Baumann is writing in her diary about her wedding night. She is wearing white lingerie and white hold-up stockings. While the couple is enjoying the wedding, maid Sarah Parker is having sex with a guest on the couch. A minute later, Lila Baumann is also naked on a couch. A man joins her and has sex with her. A few minutes later, Lila Baumann is having breakfast. Waitress Natasha Brikk pours her coffee, then masturbates her under the table. Lila returns the courtesy.
There is one sex scene after another in the film, and now we are watching Sarah Parker having sex with a man, on a blanket lying on the lawn. Five minutes later, Jodie Oram helps Lila Baumann wash in the bathtub. She helps her get aroused, actually. Three minutes later Lila is having fun with waitress Natasha Brikk.

Nude scenes