The Diary 4

Directed By: Nicolas Weber


As is easy to guess, The Diary 4 is a sequel to The Diary 3, which is a sequel to The Diary 2 and The Diary. Anna (Lila Baumann) is a girl who narrates her life to the pages of her diary. At the end of the third chapter Anna is working as an actress in Italy. We find her in Rome, staying with a friend. She is no longer an actress, and her diary is stolen. During the search to get it back, she meets a man who makes her fall in love.
After only two minutes, Valentine Tessier has sex with a guy on a terrace in the moonlight. Six minutes later, Ludmila Mignol and Roxane Ferrier manage to steal Anna’s diary, then go off to celebrate with a threesome. A couple of minutes later Nathalie Commalin (credited as Natalie Michel) has sex with a man leaning against a wooden table. We see Nathalie Commalin again in the following scene. The actress wears seductive lingerie and garter belts and has sex with a guy on the couch. Nine minutes later, Ilona Fouchet undresses in front of Svetlana Rochant, then shows her ass with the intention of having it whipped. Svetlana complies and spanks her with the belt, but almost immediately the two girls start kissing and touching each other. A few minutes later, Ludmila Mignol and Roxane Ferrier are engaged in another threesome, at the pool table. It doesn’t end well for the man with them, who takes a hit with a billiard cue on the nuts. Soon after, Ludmila Mignol has sex with a man in a hotel hall. A minute later, a man is in the courtyard next to a well. Valentine Tessier joins him and takes off her clothes. As expected, the two have sex. Three minutes later, Roxane Ferrier has sex with a man on a garden couch. Two minutes later we witness another interesting threesome, with Svetlana Rochant and Nathalie Commalin. Five minutes later, a man has a strange dream in which naked actresses from this film and previous chapters appear. He’s on a beach and one by one Roxane Ferrier, Ludmila Mignol, Jamelah Asmar, Olga Bousse, Nathalie Commalin, and Svetlana Rochant arrive. We had given up hope of seeing Lila Baumann naked, but the actress strips in the last sex scene of the film.

Nude scenes