Agent 69 in the Sign of Scorpio

Directed By: Werner Hedmann


After the zodiac signs of Virgo, Taurus, Gemini, and Leo, here is the fifth of the Zodiac Films. The original title is Agent 69 Jensen – I Skorpionens tegn (the international title is Agent 69 in the Sign of Scorpio) and is a kind of parody of the Bond movies. The clumsy Agent 69 must deliver an important microfilm, which contains the formula for a new type of fuel. The secret agent hands it over to the wrong person, and throughout the film, both he and evil Agent Skorpionen are searching for this microfilm. Anna Bergman (the daughter of the great director Ingmar Bergman) is the first to show us her boobs when Agent 69 unwittingly rips off her shirt. Later, Anne Magle has sex with a man in the bathroom of a running train. The man throws her clothes out the window, so Anne gets off the train completely naked. Next, Anna Bergman infiltrates the villain’s lair as a waitress, wearing a black wig. She lays bottles on a table and everyone looks at her ass. Soon after, the actress enters a room and removes her clothes. A man bursts into the room and the two have sex. Unfortunately, the hardcore scenes are inserts and there are no real hardcore scenes of Anna Bergman. The woman is caught and unmasked. Meanwhile, Anne Magle arrives, still naked since she got off the train.
The story continues and Agent Horsepower is bathing with two beautiful women. Matta Hari (Gina Janssen) enters the scene to show him her secret agent skills. The two end up at the massage table, and we get to enjoy a couple of good porn scenes. Meanwhile, Anne Magle turns us on with sensational sexual performances together with a sheik. We are almost at the end of the story: Anna Bergman and Gina Janssen are involved in a catfight with other nude actresses. Anne Magle gives the sheik a blowjob under the dining table while he masturbates her with his foot.

Nude scenes