In the Sign of the Gemini

Directed By: Werner Hedmann


I tvillingernes tegn (the international title is In the Sign of the Gemini) is the third title of the so-called Zodiac Films. In the 1970s, Danish cinema offered six films associated with as many zodiac signs. Although considered mainstream sexy comedies, these films included quite a lot of hardcore material. The first film was associated with the sign of Virgo, and the second with the sign of Taurus. This third film is associated with the sign of Gemini and tells the story of two record producers in the 1930s. Both are competing to put the most prominent singer of the time (Cia Löwgren) under contract. One of the two producers has the other kidnapped, but he doesn’t know that his competitor has a twin brother.
In the first scene we report on, Anne Bie Warburg has an oriental look and a sex drive. The actress undresses in front of a man, lies down on the bed, and starts masturbating. A couple of minutes later the two are fucking. Later, the leading man’s double wakes up in a bed with four naked actresses: Anne Bie Warburg, Lise Henningsen, Lisbeth Olsen, and Louise Frevert.
In a following scene, Lise Henningsen and Louise Frevert, completely naked, chase a man dressed as a woman into a sauna. The sauna is filled with naked women. Meanwhile, horny maid Romona (yes, simply Romona) indulges in a relaxing fuck with the butler. A few minutes later, Cia Löwgren is playing strip poker with a man. Unfortunately for her – and fortunately for us – she loses and strips. The adventure ends at the amusement park, in the castle of horrors, but there are few horrors. Instead, there are the boobs of Anne Bie Warburg, Romona, and Lisbeth Olsen. Before the end credits, Cia Löwgren gives us one last hot scene, together with an actress we don’t know.

Nude scenes