In the Sign of the Lion

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We’re at our last appointment with the Danish Zodiac Films. We have previously shown the sequences from the films dedicated to Scorpio, Sagittarius, Virgin, Taurus and Gemini. Today we present the fifth and final film in this series, dedicated to the sign of Leo. If you are mentally counting the zodiac signs, we confirm you that they are twelve, but the movies dedicated to them unfortunately are only six. What we are discussing today is titled In the Sign of the Lion (original title I Løvens tegn) and like all the other sequences contain softcore and some hardcore scenes. Among the many nude actresses which can be viewed note is the presence of the beautiful Gina Janssen, a blonde bombshell who has many admirers. In addition to her, there are Ann-Marie Berglund, Gertie Jung, Lizzi Varencke, Anne Bie Warburg, Anne Magle and Louise Frevert.