In the Sign of the Lion

Directed By: Werner Hedmann


I Løvens tegn (the international title is In the Sign of the Lion) is the fourth installment of the Zodiac Films, a series of Danish films associated with the zodiac signs. The interesting feature of these films is that they were mainstream. Well-directed, well-acted, high-budget, and shown in regular theaters. Yet, they contained hardcore sequences. Family porn, as someone called them. The first three signs covered were Virgo, Taurus, and Gemini.
It’s 1934 and two elderly ladies try to publish their biography, but they are rejected by all the editors. The publishers explain to them that they must include spicy stories. The two old ladies buy a bestseller to make comparisons and are shocked by the sexual stories. But when they think back to their youth, the two women agree that they had even more exciting experiences than those narrated in the best seller.
The erotic reminiscences begin after five minutes, and we find Ann-Marie Berglund and Anne Magle involved in a threesome with a man. Less than four minutes later Eva Axen and Suzanne Bjerrehuus delight us with a lesbian scene on the same bed. Two minutes later, Anne Bie Warburg and Anne Magle are posing for a very spicy photo shoot. After six minutes we are confronted with a weird scene: Gina Janssen is coloring Anne Bie Warburg‘s pussy hair black. A moment later Gina Janssen is giving a blowjob to a very happy man.
The two old women’s erotic tales appeal to a publisher, who publishes their book, titled I Løvens tegn. It immediately becomes a best seller, and shortly thereafter we can see Gertie Jung intent on reading it in the compartment of a train. The woman is super horny and wants to have sex with the guy sitting in front of her. In one of the stories, Anne Magle and Gina Janssen go on a picnic with an aristocrat. The picnic soon becomes a sex session. Nine minutes later, Lizzi Varencke undresses and tries to seduce a man. In the next scene, Ann-Marie Berglund, Anne Magle, and Gina Janssen play a game called “Who Could It Be?” It’s a variation of glory-hole, so you may have already figured out what it’s about. This is followed by some nude dancing performed by Vivian Lee Dann, Louise Frevert and Magi Stocking. Five minutes later, Lizzi Varencke gives us a beautiful full-frontal nude by the sea.
We return to the glory hole for another peek at the trio of nude, doggy-style actresses, then a fuck by Gina Janssen closes the list of hot scenes.

Nude scenes