Così dolce… così perversa

Directed By: Umberto Lenzi


In the late 60’s and early ’70s, director Umberto Lenzi made a thriller triptych with one of his favorite actresses: Carroll Baker. Così dolce… così perversa (AKA So sweet… so perverse) is the second of these films, preceded by Orgasmo, and followed by Paranoia (AKA A Quiet Place to Kill).
Jean-Louis Trintignant is married to Erika Blanc but falls in love with Carroll Baker, who has a strange connection with Horst Frank. There are many twists, which always keep the viewer awake. In addition to the twists and turns, the naked actresses make us stare. Carroll Baker undresses little, but Erika Blanc gives us a couple of very interesting sequences. They are joined by Beryl Cunningham naked and Helga Liné supersexy.

Nude scenes