Orgasmo nude scenes


Directed By: Umberto Lenzi


Orgasmo is the first film in a triptych by Umberto Lenzi; three films in which the director investigates the psyche of the protagonists, passing from crime to romance to the noir genre. The working title was Paranoia and is the title used for the US version of this film. This generates a bit of confusion because the third film in the trilogy is called Paranoia (and in America, the title is A Quiet Place to Kill). For the completists, the second film in the trilogy is Così dolce… così perversa (AKA So Sweet… So Perverse). In all three films, the female protagonist is Carroll Baker.
Orgasmo tells the story of a newly widowed woman who inherited a huge fortune. She hosts in her house a broken-down car driver and her half-sister, who seduce her to steal her inheritance. The story is perhaps a bit boring, but it has a nice twist in the finale.
Carroll Baker undresses in the shower, on a lawn, and in bed. Colette Descombes also strips off, much more than Carroll.
The American version has a slightly different montage and shows a little more boobs. Of course, we show you the nude scenes of both versions.

Nude scenes