Emmanuelle in Paradise

Directed By: Kevin Alber


In 1967, a novel by Emmanuelle Arsan was released and became a huge success: Emmanuelle Livre 1 – La Leçon d’homme. In 1973 the first film based on this book was released: Emmanuelle. The success is immense and this film becomes the first of a very long series. After seven official films, a French television film series consisting of seven chapters was released in 1993. The following year another series of TV films dedicated to this character was released: Emmanuelle in Space. In 2000 comes Emmanuelle 2000 and this Emmanuelle in Paradise is the second film in the series.
A man and his wife (Gabriella Hall) are guests of a sultan. Also with them is Emmanuelle (Holly Sampson). In the second part of the film, Emmanuelle travels all the way to Japan.
In the 12th minute, Gabriella Hall and Holly Sampson disguise themselves as harem girls. Soon after, two men give the two naked actresses an oil massage. Eight minutes later, Gabriella Hall and Holly Sampson have sex with two men, each in a different bed. Four minutes later, Emmanuelle is in Japan and we admire a lesbian scene with Nancy Vee and Holly Sampson. In the next scene, a man eats food arranged on Allysin Chaynes‘ naked body, then has sex with her. Eight minutes later, Aysia Lee and a man massage each other. More sex after seven minutes: Cheyenne Silver and a man fuck in a kitchen. Five minutes later, Darby Daniels has sex with a man in the back of a pink Cadillac. Eight minutes later there is a final sex scene with Holly Sampson.

Nude scenes