Emmanuelle’s Magic

Directed By: Francis Leroi


Magique Emmanuelle (AKA Emmanuelle’s Magic) is the third of seven TV movies dedicated to erotic icon Emmanuelle. After the origin story and a couple of other adventures, this time young Emmanuelle (Marcela Walerstein) is on the road with her friend Coco (Krystyna Ferentz). If you are confused, don’t be: Krystyna Ferentz played another friend of Emmanuelle in the previous film: Nicky. In these films the actresses play different roles, no problem.
The first nude scene comes at the eleventh minute and is a lesbian performance with Mélanie Moore and Pascale Cardon. Three minutes later, Myriam Nedellec plays a nude statue. Thanks to Emmanuelle‘s superpowers, the statue comes to life and has sex with a man. Two minutes later, Mélanie Moore has sex with the same man. Krystyna Ferentz also has sex, one minute later. Later Marcela Walerstein finally undresses, to have sex with a man. Nine minutes later, Cynthia Van Damme and Krystyna Ferentz must convince a ship’s captain to let them board. And they succeed by taking off their shirts. Once on board, there is no shortage of good sex.

Nude scenes