Halloween II

Directed By: Rob Zombie


Halloween II is the sequel to the reboot made by Rob Zombi in 2007 (so it is not a sequel to the 1978 film, which exists but is from 1981). In the last film Michael Myers was killed by his sister, but of course we know that Michael and Jason and Freddy never die. Now the big guy is out and about sowing corpses, looking for his sister.
After an hour of various killings, we catch our breath watching Sylvia Jefferies naked, kneeling on a desk. A man is fucking her doggy-style. There is an alternate, longer version of this scene, deleted in the final cut. Shortly thereafter Michael visits the couple and we know how it ends. Sylvia Jefferies runs away and runs naked down a hallway. It’s a nightclub and everything is shrouded in reddish light. There is also an alternate, much longer version of this sequence. In this one, Sylvia Jefferies runs out of the nightclub instead of running inside.

Nude scenes