King Kong Lives

Directed By: Charles McCracken, John Guillermin


King Kong Lives is a sequel to the film King Kong, released ten years earlier, a remake of a 1933 film. We thought the giant gorilla was dead, but he’s instead in a coma in a medical institution in Georgia. Explorer Hank Mitchell finds a female of the same species in Borneo and brings her to the university. Using the female’s plasma, doctors are able to operate Kong and implant him with an artificial heart. Upon successful operation, Kong falls in love with the female specimen and escapes with her to the mountains, impregnating her. We are far from a happy ending and there will be arduous trials for the gorilla couple and the unborn child, but we do not want to spoil it. The film, unlike its predecessor, has little response from audiences and critics. Costing $10 million, it earns less than $5 million. It is also nominated for the 1986 Razzie Awards for Worst Visual Effects.
Is there anything positive in the 100-minute running time of this film? Certainly the seconds in which Linda Hamilton‘s beautiful tits are featured. In the 45th minute the actress jumps out of a sleeping bag and for a few moments shows us her tits. We also mark a sequence at the airport fifteen minutes later in which Linda wears a tight tank top with nothing underneath, with hard nipples.

Nude scenes