La casa del sortilegio nude scenes

La casa del sortilegio

Directed By: Umberto Lenzi


At the end of the 1990s, the Reteitalia production company commissioned four films dedicated to cursed houses from two well-known directors. The directors were Umberto Lenzo and Lucio Fulci. The films were made but never broadcast because they were considered too splatter. They appeared years later on videotape and were only broadcast on TV in the early 2000s.
La casa del sortilegio is one of the four films. Unfortunately, nude scenes are found only in this film and in La casa nel tempo. Luca has a terrible dream, in which he runs away to a country house, where a witch is preparing a cauldron to boil his head.
If you are, like us, interested in Marina Giulia Cavalli naked, towards the last ten minutes of the film the beautiful actress indulges in a sex scene that shows us her fabulous tits.

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