La marge

Directed By: Walerian Borowczyk


A businessman who has perfect sexual chemistry with his wife is played by Joe Dallesandro (a beautiful and damned actor discovered by Andy Warhol). On a business trip to Paris, the man meets a prostitute (Sylvia Kristel) who reminds him of his wife, and he entertains himself with her. A devastating letter from home, however, informs him of the death of his wife and child.
Master Walerian Borowczyk gives us a film with less eroticism than we expected, but still full of interesting sequences and naked actresses. To ride the wave of success the lead actress had with Emmanuelle, some posters for this film have the title Emmanuelle 77.
Here is a brief analysis of the salient scenes. Mireille Audibert runs under a downpour, holding a bouquet of mimosas in her hands. Her husband chases her, and when the two enter the house, she undresses completely and he covers her body with mimosas. Soon after, the actress is in the shower. Naked, of course. The next scene is an erotic moment between the lead and Sylvia Kristel.
Later, we see a performance by dancer Linda Taloma, who was working at the Crazy Horse Cabaret in Paris at the time under the pseudonym Norma Picadilly.
The three long sequences that follow feature Sylvia Kristel’s naked body and a couple of hard-boiled eggs (!). There are a lot of eroticisms, but also some good doggy-style fucking.
A couple of short hot sequences, again with Sylvia Kristel, close the list of nudes.

Nude scenes