Pathos – Segreta inquietudine

Directed By: Piccio Raffanini


Pathos – Segreta inquietudine is Piccio Raffanini’s first and only work. This film reminds us Nothing Underneath and also takes some cues from Dressed to kill.
A husband provides models for his photographer and bisexual wife. She photographs them, then takes them to bed. Someone kills one of these models and a policeman investigates the slums of Rome to find the killer. Raffanini has a cast full of beautiful women, but he strips them less than we would have hoped for. Basically, they move between streets and clubs in a Blade Runner-esque setting.
However, we can admire several nude scenes. First of all the protagonist of the film, Virginia Hey. She also gives us a lesbian scene with Gioia Scola. Then there are Eva Grimaldi – young and beautiful – and the lesser-known Carin McDonald and Teagan Clive (the latter, more known as a bodybuilder than an actress).
There is also a full-frontal nude of Valentine Demy, here credited with her real name, Marisa Parra.

Nude scenes